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The 1st Prize in H.H. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed for the best research in HR.

“Analyzing the UAE and GCC Job Market reliability for a Transition from an Oil/Gas based Energy Economy towards a Renewable Energy Economy”


Abdulla Mohammed Alshimmaria* , Armin Alibasica, Mohammed Atif Omara



Abdulla Mohammed Alshimmaria* , Armin Alibasica, Mohammed Atif OmaraAbdulla Mohammed Alshimmaria* , Armin Alibasica, Mohammed Atif Omarahe conventional fossil fuel based economy, the transition of such technologies results in structural inequality, unemployment and social imbalance [2]. In a certain economic setting where a disruptive technology is taking over another one, it is very valuable for decision makers, employers, managers and firms to set a standardized data about the skills and attributes of occupations in order for them to access the information related to the requirements of the emerging job market [3]. Taking the RE industry job market as an example, a recent report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) shows that there are 10.3 million jobs in 2017 with a growth of 5.3% [4]. The review also reveals that 3.4 million of these jobs are in the solar industry, which shows how important that field is, and so, the skills sets needed for this job is also important for the employees. However, the report did not show details about the UAE nor the GCC job market. Also on the other hand, the UAE and GCC lack the database which identifies the occupational tittles and the related skills sets needed for each occupation. The frame of reference in this research is O*NET, which is a publicly available database for examining the changes occur in occupational skill composition and to identify significant skill categories. O*NET has been used by many researchers, the analyses provided by O*NET proved to be very useful to have an understanding on how the skills and abilities required for each job have been affected by technological advancements. Several of these studies have been centered around the changes in the in the composition of jobs themselves (intensive margin) [2,5,6]. While other analysis of the extensive margin (focuses on changes over the demand and distribution of jobs) is also of interest to several researchers. However, the format which O*NET has is less appropriate when it comes to the extensive analysis method. The reason is that O*NET is designed to characterize the skills required for different jobs, and does not characterize the demand or prevalence of those jobs. As an example, “Software Developer” and “Project Manager” would be both shown in a single line within O*NET database and will be given the same weight, yet companies tend to employ much more developers compared to project managers. Another limitation to the O*NET database is that it was developed for the USA job market, which may contains specified-to-the-US terms and job titles, which puts boundaries to the applicability of O*NET on an international level of usage.

Emma Swonson

“This HCMS partnership will create measurable value through high impact digital talent initiatives and job-ready skills for the labor market,” “Extending the scale of Udacity to reach more people in the region has the potential to create massive returns for individuals, enterprises, and nations.”

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